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Test Your Knowledge

Engage with a wide array of practice questions that mirror the format and rigor of the actual GACE exams. Each question is designed to challenge your knowledge and improve your teaching aptitude across various subjects

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Receive immediate feedback on every answer. Our detailed explanations help clarify concepts and correct misunderstandings, empowering you to learn from mistakes and successfully master the material

Unlimited Exam Attempts

Practice makes perfect. Our platform offers unlimited attempts at practice exams, allowing you to learn at your own pace and continuously improve your understanding of the exam content, building confidence for the exam day

Emailed Results

After each test session, you’ll receive an email summarizing your performance. These results highlight your strengths and pinpoint areas needing improvement


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“The Art Education GACE felt manageable thanks to the comprehensive preparation I received from GACE Prep. The detailed feedback on practice questions and the option for unlimited attempts allowed me to master the content thoroughly. Receiving my exam results via email was a convenient way to see my progress and areas for improvement.”

Lindsay P.

“I passed my Mathematics GACE thanks to GACE Prep. The platform’s questions perfectly mirrored the actual exam’s format and difficulty, and having the ability to take unlimited tests was invaluable. Each test attempt taught me something new, thanks to the precise explanations provided for each answer. Receiving my results by email was especially helpful for tracking my progress.”

Nick J.

“I highly recommend GACE Prep for anyone taking the Health and Physical Education GACE. The wide range of practice questions and the ability to take unlimited exams boosted my preparation. The detailed answers and emailed summaries of my results helped me track my improvement over time, focusing my studies where it mattered most.”

Spencer A.

“As someone aiming for leadership in education, the Educational Leadership GACE was daunting. GACE Prep’s tailored practice exams, unlimited attempts, and detailed explanations made all the difference. The specific feedback on my emailed results allowed me to refine my approach continuously. I entered the exam room feeling confident and well-prepared.”

Sandra E.
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